Vanishing Ink Laser Aesthetics is pleased to introducing the new Discovery Pico Laser by Quanta Aesthetic Lasers. This is the new state-of-the-art laser system for removal of all types of tattoos. In addition, it can be used for treatment of benign skin lesions. Vanishing Ink was the first in the Midwest and one of the first in the country to bring this technology to patients.

How does it work?

Q-switched lasers have traditionally been the gold standard method used for removing tattoos, and still are. With the advent of picosecond technology, however, we are now able to remove tattoos faster depending on the tattoo type. The Discovery Laser takes advantage of both picosecond and nanosecond laser pulse durations, in combination, to more effectively remove your tattoos.

Q-switched laser treatments break the tattoo ink particles into smaller pieces, which the body’s immune system can then remove more easily. Picosecond lasers use ultra-short laser pulses that bombard the ink particles at very high pressure – something called a photoacoustic affect. This breaks down the ink into even smaller particles. The particles are then absorbed much more quickly and easily, and eventually get eliminated by the body.

The Discovery Pico’s unique capability of producing picosecond and nanosecond pulses, as well as three different wavelengths, allows us to treat different tattoo colors across differing skin types better than ever before. We can control the type and combination of pulses necessary to give you the ideal treatment. The same is true when targeting lesions that contain pigment, such as age spots, or for skin rejuvenation applications.

How long should it take to remove my tattoo?

The size of the ink particles in your tattoo, the ink colors used and the type of tattoo (that is, whether it’s a professional or amateur one), all are factors affecting the number of treatments sessions you will need to clear the tattoo. At Vanishing Ink Laser Aesthetics Center, we will be able to evaluate your tattoo and its response to treatment in order to recommend the realistic number of treatments you will need. The combination of picosecond and nanosecond pulse delivery means that an optimal number of sessions can be used, likely to be fewer than with traditional Q-switched nanosecond laser removal techniques alone. While individual results can vary, the results of this innovative new technology are that tattoos can be treated and leave virtually no trace in a much shorter time.

Cost of treatment

The cost of Discovery Pico tattoo removal depends on the number of treatment sessions needed and the size and type of the tattoo. Prices start at about $80 dollars a session and increase depending on the size of the tattoo.



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