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Vanishing Ink Laser of St Charles, IL uses cutting edge laser technology to provide fast, affordable laser hair removal with maximum comfort. Our clinical staff is certified and cares about your safety, comfort and results above all else. Laser hair removal provides a permanent, non-invasive option for men and women with excess or unwanted hair. Achieve the results you desire in a professional relaxing atmosphere by contacting us today.

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The ReSmooth Laser Hair Removal Advantage

Comfort & Speed

ReSmooth’s integrated skin-cooling system delivers a cooling touch that helps protect the skin from the risk of burns, providing maximum comfort throughout your treatment session. The industry-leading spot size measures at 9.1cm² and allows us to treat larger body areas more quickly and efficiently, speeding up your overall treatment time.

Safe & Effective

ReSmooth’s noninvasive technology delivers a safe and very selective treatment of the hair, eliminating risks of unwanted side effects. It uses 810 nm and 940 nm dual wavelengths to target the deepest hair follicles for optimal hair removal results. These wavelengths of light are special because their absorption rate is high in melanin but low in water, allowing only the follicles to be targeted while leaving the surrounding skin tissue unharmed and intact. These wavelengths are especially safe for treatment on darker skin types and produce a very low risk of hypopigmentation.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

*Individual results may vary.

During a treatment, The ReSmooth diode laser will emit flashes of light into the skin and target the melanin in your hair follicles. The light energy is absorbed by the melanin and converts to heat. The heat damages the cells in your hair follicles that are responsible for hair regrowth, effectively stunting future hair growth and significantly reducing the amount of hair in the treated area.

It is important to know that laser hair removal only works on hair that is actively growing. Because hair follicles are active at different times, patients will need multiple treatments to target each hair follicle during the anagen growth phase.

Patients with darker, thicker hair and lighter skin types may experience faster, more optimal results due to the contrast of melanin in their skin and hair. However, the ReSmooth laser utilizes advanced technology to deliver outstanding results for patients of all skin types and hair colors without causing any damage to the surrounding skin tissue. Our Lasers


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Laser Hair Removal FAQ

How many treatments will i need?

There are three phases of hair growth: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Laser hair removal is only successful when treating hair follicles during the anagen growth phase. Because each hair grows in different phases at different times, multiple treatments are required to treat the hairs during their anagen growth phase. During a treatment, the entire area with unwanted hair is treated, with no way of knowing which phase of growth each hair is in. Thus, multiple treatments are needed to effectively target all hair follicles during their growth stage.

On average, patients will need six to ten treatments to achieve permanent hair reduction. However, results vary depending on hair and skin type. Treatments are spaced a minimum of four to six weeks apart to target the unwanted hair during its growth stage.

Am I a candidate for laser hair removal?

Yes, all men and women are great candidates for hair removal. Our Astanza ReSmooth is capable of treating a wide variety of hair colors from black to blonde hair on all skin types. Because laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment/melanin in a hair follicle, white or grey hair may not respond well to treatment. The darker the hair, the better the absorption and increased efficacy in results.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Vanishing Ink uses size categories to determine the cost per treatment for laser hair removal. Different body parts are categorized by their size. The number of treatments and area you want treated will determine your final cost. Our St. Charles clinic offers special treatment packages to help save you more. All consultations are free so call our office today to schedule a consultation!

Where can I receive treatment?

Our Astanza ReSmooth laser is safe to use on all parts of the body. The most popular areas for treatment are the underarms, legs, back, and chest.

Does the laser hurt?

Many patients compare the laser to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Overall, laser treatment is very tolerable. Our ReSmooth laser uses an integrated skin-cooling feature to help alleviate pain and maximize comfort before and during treatment.

Will I experience any side effects?

Laser hair removal is an extremely safe procedure that requires no recovery time. Our Astanza ReSmooth laser delivers noninvasive light-based treatment that targets only the pigment in your follicles while leaving the surrounding skin tissue unharmed. Immediately after treatment, you may experience temporary redness and swelling. These side effects will heal within a couple hours following your treatment.



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